Instruments Make Play

In December 2017 INSTRUMENTS MAKE PLAY organized a festival in three cities and places: Worm in Rotterdam, Kulter in Amsterdam and De Perifeer in Deventer, and since then we curate and organize concerts, films, workshops and residencies.

This year we won’t have a festival but we made a number of programs for Belgian festivals (eg Pukkelpop) and we do a fair for instrument builders and players in Rotterdam, Worm, just like last year.

Are you an instrument builder?

Then this could be for you. We want to invite you. The fair will take place on 8 December 2018 in WORM. There are two large spaces available and there is a program of presentations and performances on that day. The fair is from 2 o’clock in the afternoon until 8 o’clock in the evening in the large hall and the ubiquel hall of Worm, but then continues in the foyer with performances of the Noodle Bar – electrical modularity.

About participating in the fair

It’s the second time we’re doing something like this, and we’re hoping to give 30 to 40 (maybe a little more) instrument builders and players the opportunity to show their stuff / art / sound to a larger audience and perhaps even sell them, because after all, it is a trade fair.

Even if you have nothing to sell but have something to show (and to be heard) this is also a suitable opportunity – there is a continuous program of showcases in both rooms, everyone who participates can do a showcase at the place where he or she has installed herself (line to the PA, speakers in all corners of the room et voila).

We are going to make special efforts this year to invite programmers and curators from The Netherlands and Belgium. Furthermore, we think it is a good opportunity to make contacts and see what everyone is doing.

There is a budget to reimburse travel expenses.
Check the Worm website for more info about the event.