Instruments Make Play

Tim Sprangers

Lukas Simonis
Klangendum / Vrooom

Julie Dassaud

Harco Rutgers
Esc.rec. / De Perifeer


INSTRUMENTS MAKE PLAY is a festival about self invented musical instruments in the form of concerts, an exchange, workshops, exhibitions and residencies.  In November and December 2017 we will have our first edition in three cities; Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Deventer. The series is programmed and produced by Lukas Simonis, Julie Dassaud and Harco Rutgers.

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Besides being a festival for invented instruments, Instruments Make Play wants to be an international platform for musicians, builders and artists as well. Our first aim; to collect information about anybody who ever invented an instrument and put it online, in order to grow a database of names and aural furniture.

Our second goal is to invite all the people here on the website but that’s all part of our 10 year plan.

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Op de front cover van Gonzo (circus) magazine en een artikel van 8(!) pagina’s over Instruments Make Play festival.


De foto van Karel van der Eijk die is gebruikt als campagnebeeld voor het festival, is gemaakt door Bas Uterwijk.

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