Ronald van der Meijs

Van der Meijs creates sound works and field recordings since 1999 and produces huge location-based mechanical sound generating installations that show how we relate to our technocratic society. He consciously creates an area between desire and acceptance by using the dialogue between nature and technology or nature versus culture. Unpredictable and slow natural processes control the work and form a metaphorical and conceptual treatment of sound, space and time.

These natural elements can behave like an unpredictable sequencer which generates a sound composition in an uncontrolled way. In order to research the area between desire and acceptance which is occurring in this manner he also uses the phenomena of growth and decay. They both have a quality and are inextricably linked. However, in our modern society, less and less space seems to occur for the decay of things.

More recently he is also performing with some of his big scale installations (Squaring the sphere) by amplifying their sounds and morphing them in a live electronic sound setting.