Reyes Oteo

Reyes Oteo Fernández is a composer, violinist and sound artist specialized in live electronics performing her instruments, mainly plants, animals or human body-driven devices.

Her creation juggles with contemporary symphonic composition to the experimental electronic music, simultaneously teaching as Music Professor in Composition in the Conservatories of Music of Córdoba and Málaga, where he has also directed the Contemporary Music Workshop of both of them.

As a composer, she has received commissions and concerts in audiences such as the Fonoteca Nacional de Mexico -Circuito Electrovisiones- (Mexico), Central University of New York (USA), Roulette room in the same city, Subtropics Fest, in Miami Beach, Idka festival (Sweden), Museum Nacional-Centro de Arte Reina Sofía (Spain), Festival of Contemporary Music of Córdoba, Cervantes Theater with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Malaga (live electronic Prelude to the Opera Medea, by Martín-Jaime), Institut del Teatre de Barcelona, Festival Estellae Campus of Santiago de Compostela, Guggenheim Museum -Festival BIO-Jet Lag-, RadicaldB Festival -Etopia, Art and Technology Center, Zaragoza-, and the Sibelius-Akatemi Music and Technology Center of Helsinki (Finland).

In her role as electronic luthier, she has invented and developed a huge number of interactive electronic instruments (Fructophone, Interactive Skirt, Phoenix Stone, Stone with Nails, Light Glove…). She develops these instruments for live electronics, and specifically for the scene and the dance (12 Stones: ritual, experimental opera, 4 Ostinati Amorosi, for dance, visuals and live electronics, both by Diana Pérez Custodio, Don’t worry, Everything is out of control, Cà. Katapult Kollective, Dir .: Olaf Kehler).