Jo Caimo

Jo Caimo is a visual artist and inventor of objects and instruments. His work situates itself in the margin between performance, music, product design, installation and the digital world. With his objects and instruments he researches ‘the collective’ versus ‘the inner’, and he therefore challenges the spectator to become part of his work. In many works he tries to define a border of a medium or a border of our senses. This can be an installation in which the audience is almost accidently invited to form a choir and become part of a collective sound. Or it can be the ‘unstable’ live performance of swallowing a bluetooth-microphone (to record the audio of his whole digestive system, to which the audience is invited to call). Or by putting the sun live on the internet (for rainy days, some placebo Vitamin D).

Human Organ Concerto is an audio-visual installation that has to be ‘performed’ by the audience. An organ is being controlled by the rhythm of breathing of maximum 10 people. They breath through a wireless device that translates their breath into 4 electric pulses, which is connected to 4 different tones of an (pipe) organ.