Andreas Monopolis – MoCM

Andreas Monopolis was born in Corfu in 1976. he is active in the field of music technology, event organisation and other related activities with a large number of diverse artistic events and many valuable collaborations, gaining valuable knowledge and experience.

He has studied at the Department of Music of the Ionian University in special subjects of sound, music, informatics, analysis and composition of electroacoustic music ++  having also the status of external collaborator.

He is a basic member of the Hellenic Association of Composers of Electroacoustic Music (ESSIM) and has participated in numerous and transnational “training projects”. As the founder of the “O.C.S.C.” organisation, he has coordinated a variety of activities of cultural and social interest, bringing cultural diversity to the forefront. In addition to music, his artistic impulse selects when image or material is to be expressed, as in recent years he has set up a virtual but also a real multi-workshop under the nickname MoCM.