14 December 2019: Instruments Make Play Fair

Instruments Make Play presents an extensive programme in WORM, which is basically 50/50 festival and fair for both public and makers. Throughout the day there will be continuous performances and showcases to see and listen to, in addition to the many installations that are on view.

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The idea of the so called ‘fair’ is to be a meeting point of likeminded people. People building their own musical instruments and in some cases selling these instruments. But most makers are musicians themselves who would not think about selling their instrument (well, we noticed everybody’s got their price). But then everybody has something to sell, be it their own performance or installation… So we will also invite curators and bookers to the fair.

The list of Contributors (provisory);
Bart Koppe
Rob Hordijk
Radboud Mens
Woostone Kugelblitz
Karel van der Eijk
Paul Tas
Reverse Landfill
We Love Trash
Piers Titus van der Toren
Jasna Velickovic
GertJan Prins/Bas van Koolwijk
Mina Kim
Anton Mobin
Neon & Landa
Roald van Dillewijn
Sonic Rider
Jean-Baptiste Lévêque
Andreas Oskar Hirsch
Arthur Bennis/Sinneb
Niek Hilkmann
Danny Bosten/Das Ding
Arthur Wagenaar
Chris Meighan
Sjoerd Leijten/Jo Caimo
Kaspar Konig
Peter Zegveld
Maika Garnica
Vof DuHo Dubach
Karen Geyer


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